Map with Bing Openlayer not exported in 2.8.1

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Map with Bing Openlayer not exported in 2.8.1

Carlos Cerdán
Hi list

I've done a designed map in QGIS 2.6 using Bing openlayer (map 0) and other maps. Exporting as image (from designer) in that version was OK, but when QGIS was updated to 2.8.1, I can't export it again, designer becomes white and nothing is exported.

Solution: delete the map with Bing (map 0), and insert a new one... but this works with Ubuntu only, in Windows 7 the problem persists, and I have to do a completely new map designer. Someone has had this issue also? Is there any solution for Windows version without discard the old map and doing a new one?

Carlos Cerdán

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