MSVC 2015 and Apache/PHP on Windows

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MSVC 2015 and Apache/PHP on Windows

Jackie Ng
Hi All,

Since MapGuide has now moved to a new MSVC compiler version, the inevitable question pops up every few years when such MSVC compiler changes are done about what to do with bundled Apache/PHP binaries on windows, especially if they were built with a different version of MSVC.

In our case, with Apache we can get VC14 built binaries from apachelounge.

For PHP, we have a problem in that the official stable releases are still built with VC11. No third party I know of offers VC14-compiled versions of the current stable series of PHP.

However, we can take advantage of VC14-compiled binaries for PHP on windows, if we make the jump to PHP 7, which is currently in release candidate stage but should be final well before our release window.

But if we do jump to PHP 7, I foresee inevitable wholesale breakage of various parts of the MapGuide Web Tier that have PHP code, being a major version change and all.

So my question really is, should we look at making the jump to PHP 7 (and wear the costs of fixing all the things that have broke) just so that Apache/PHP/MapGuide will all be on the same MSVC version?

Or can we live with Apache/PHP still being from an older MSVC version and that it should be technically safe as all these components communicate through C-exported APIs?

- Jackie