MS4W Installation for MXD2map ?

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MS4W Installation for MXD2map ?

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Want to do some testing with MXD2map and had never before to do with MapServer. According to the documentation of MXD2map an installation of MapServer 6.01 with Java Mapscript is necessary:

... although it can be used to preview the resulting mapfiles MS4W does not provide the needed version to run MXD2map.
... It is recommended to use the latest binary release version from as the MapServer for MXD2Map
To run the converter you need at least the following components
- Sun Java6 SDK to build, JRE to run
- ArcGIS Desktop 10.x or ArcEngine 10.x with a valid licence enabled
- UMN MapServer with Java MapScript-bindings (>=6.0.1 or recent development-version)"

Would like to avoid compiling an own MapServer version.

When I consult the MapServer Download Pages :

MapServer for Windows from .... MS4W is a complete Web Server/MapServer/MapScript package. MS4W includes several flavors of MapScript (PHP, C#, Python, Java), and additional dlls for SDE and Oracle support.... "

I could assume that there is no need to build an own MapServer version for MXD2map, because Java Mapscript is already included in MS4W. Do I understand that right ?

Any experiences ?

Thanks a lot, Christine