MS4W 3.0.3 and OGC Specifications WMS 1.3.0

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MS4W 3.0.3 and OGC Specifications WMS 1.3.0

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Hello everyone,

I'm not a specialist with MapServer, and I was wondering how WMS specifications are handled.
I have installed ms4w 3.0.3 on a server. Right now, I'm querying WMS services by specifying version 1.1.1. Now, I should use only version 1.3.0 to unify all with the last specifications version.
By testing it on my installation, it looks like it can already work on version 1.3.0, but I want to be sure that I don't have to check or config anything else.

Where do I see that ms4w 3.0.3 handles well WMS on version 1.3.0 ? I didn't find anything clear about it in the README of the installation.

Advices are welcome.

Thanks in advance.