MGOS 3.1.2 release planning

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MGOS 3.1.2 release planning

Jackie Ng
Hi All,

I am planning to release MapGuide Open Source 3.1.2 sometime around

This release will most likely be the last release in the 3.1 series due to
our bundled PHP (5.6) being end-of-life with upgrading PHP to the newer 7.x
being both a breaking change and work that is still in progress.

Key items of note are:

 - Improved FDO providers
    - *** Functional SHP provider for 64-bit Linux ***
    - *** Experimental King.Oracle provider for Linux ***
    - Enhanced OGR provider
       - Configurable default schema name (instead of OGRSchema)
       - New optional DataSourceEncoding property to better support UTF-8
data source
       - Improved provider correctness (eg. Throw on bad property names)
 - Updated web tier components
    - Apache HTTPD updated to 2.4.37
    - Tomcat updated to 7.0.92
    - PHP updated to 5.6.40 (NOTE: 5.6.40 is the last release in the PHP 5.6
series, which is now end-of-life)
 - Fusion improvements:
   - New *optional* PHP server-side unified template entry point.
       - NOTE: This is a reversal from my previous announcement where the
server-side entry point replaces the individual index.html files. This
feature is now opt-in with the individual index.html files being reverted
back to being the default way of accessing any given template.
   - Fix non-functional XYZ tile source support
   - Selection Panel support for custom date/time formatting

The 4-5 week window from now should be sufficient time to see what other
fixes and minor improvements can be made for this release. Due to the new
64-bit Linux awesomeness that has landed, 3.1.2 will have an RC release a
week or 2 before the final one so that interested users can try out the new
functional FDO providers on 64-bit Linux.

- Jackie

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