Libgeotiff 1.3.0 Released

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Libgeotiff 1.3.0 Released

Frank Warmerdam

A couple months ago I prepared a libgeotiff 1.3.0RC2 and indicated if there
were no issues, I'd promote it to 1.3.0 final.  I neglected to follow up on
that, but have finally done so.  So the new release is at:

The ChangeLog entries are below, but the essential items are:

  1) Updated to EPSG 7.1 database.
  2) Upgrade to use full automake/libtool/autoconf suite of tools.


2010-01-12  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * Preparing 1.3.0 release.

        * csv/*.c, cpl_csv_incode.c, geo_incode_defs.h, rename
        defs.h to geo_incode_defs.h and include it in distribution so incode
        table support will work out of the box.

2010-01-07  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_names.c: ensure that VerticalUnitsGeoKey works properly.

        * geo_write.c: switch SortKeys() to a simple bubble sort so we don't
        end up crashing when rewriting screwn geotiff tag sets with
        duplicate geokeys (like some LAS files with multiple zero dummy tags)

        * geo_new.c: resize short and double arrays bigger when reading
        from an existing file to ensure we can update and add keys later.

2010-01-03  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * set versioninfo to 2:0:0 as required by the change for
        1.3.0 in the ABI due to change of size of GTIFDefn structure.
        (#19, GDAL #3309)

2009-12-30  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_new.c: fix computation of ascii key length introduced in past
        fix a few months ago that was breaking the GTIFImport() logic.  (#14)

2009-11-11  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: Recognise 9841 and 1024 projection methods as

2009-10-19  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * csv/{gcs,pcs}.override.csv: Add comments on where the master lives
        and incorporate COORD_SYS_CODE and Pulkovo 1942 GCS.

2009-09-24  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geotiff_proj4.c: fix parameter mapping to proj4. for equirectangular

        * adjust to avoid version conflicts (#10).

        * geo_normalize.c/h, geotiff_proj4.c: Added DefnSet to GTIFDefn so
        it can be properly established if a definition was set or if there
        were no geokeys (#12).  Corrects serious interim bug in geotiff_proj4.c

        * geo_new.c: avoid buffer overrun on corrupt input file (#14).

        * geo_print.c: Improve the precision when formatting values (#13).

2009-06-05  Paul Ramsey

        * csv: Update the EPSG csv files to the 7.1 release of the database.

2009-06-03  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: add support for LAEA, as contributed by EvenR.

2009-05-20  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * csv/, csv/esri_datum_override.csv: Added a bunch
        of manual ESRI datum name overrides - related to GDAL r17058.

2009-05-18  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * COPYING: remove inadvertent GPL license, refer to LICENSE file.

2009-05-03  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_print.c: Use %s format string in fprintf for arbitrary messages.

2009-04-22  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalizec: Do not call CSVDeaccess() by default in getdefn -
        leave it to the application.

        * Remove all the $Log logs.

2009-04-03  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geotiff_proj4.c: fix case for setting LCC 2SP GeoTIFF from proj.4.

2009-02-23  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * *.c, *.h: Include appropriate copyright messages where missing (#8).

        * geotiff_proj4.c: Fix some buffer overflow holes (#9).

2009-02-18  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_simpletags.c: compute "count" for ascii tag values.

2008-12-29  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: Optimizations to avoid opening CSV files for
        "well known" definitions. (#4).

        * geotiff_proj4.c: Reduce change of szUnits overflow (#3).

2008-11-27  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: Introduce support for StdParallel1 in
        Equirectangular (

2008-11-12  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * bin/applygeo.c: New utility for applying georeferencing to an
        existing file (written by [hidden email] and myself).

2008-10-24  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * bin/listgeo.c: Improve tfw error reporting and user hints (#2)

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