LANDSAT-8 sample data of osgeo tutorials and workshops - further supplimentary data

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LANDSAT-8 sample data of osgeo tutorials and workshops - further supplimentary data

Doug Newcomb-2
>With the availability of LANDSAT-8 imagery now coming on line[1] it seems a good time to make an accessible common sample
 >dataset available for everyone to play with and adapt+race their various softwares against. More acutely for the OSGeo Live DVD we're 
>looking for a modern multi- or hyper-spectral imagery standard dataset that we can share between quickstarts. The newly online 
>MERIS data[2] might be nice for that but the EU is not as gifting as the US gov't wrt copyright redistribution issues (although this new
 >release is really encouraging!) and the MERIS ground resolution is 10x coarser than that of LANDSAT.

>The obvious choice for a ground target is to continue with the Raleigh, NC osgeo-edu landsat time-series[3], and on 2013-05-14 there >was a nice image taken:

>In the above link the red box is the bounds of the earlier imagery crop. This time I propose that the earlier scenes were a bit small, and 
>to increase the image size to 1000x1000 cells. Raleigh-Durham Airport is present in the NW corner of the proposed new bounds for 
>visual scale and human interest.
 I think adding the LANDSAT-8 data is a good idea and I take Hamish's point about the need for coastal data.  I also started thinking about data for mountainous areas.   

Hamish's post also got me thinking about making more updated datasets available for the same footprint as the NC  dataset.  There is 4 band digital aerial imagery ( NAIP , USDA  summer 2012 , 1m resolution)  and 3 band  6 inch winter imagery ( State of NC 2010 ortho , possibly 4 band for  Wake County), etc for the  Raleigh/ Wake County area.  There may also be higher resolution Lidar data available in the future. 

Of course, the more data you add, the bigger the download, or more space needed on the live-demo iso image. 

Would it be a good idea to have a "core" downloadable dataset  at and have a supplimentary download link for other,  updated higher  resolution data sets for the same footprint or other specific distinct geophysical environments?


Doug Newcomb
Raleigh, NC
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