Join us at FOSS4G in Sydney, Australia

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Join us at FOSS4G in Sydney, Australia

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Dear deegree community,

please consider taking part in this years FOSS4G in Sydney, Australia.

The FOSS4G conference is a great opportunity to network, to get to know
the people behind the software, to get an impression of the great many
applications the OSGeo community has to offer (such as deegree) and to
learn about the latest new hot stuff in deegree.

You could either just take part and get a feel for the OSGeo community,
or you might even give a presentation on a deegree-related subject.

If you gave a presentation at deegree day 2009 in Bonn last week, you
might want to present again to an even larger audience in Sydney.
If you could not make it to deegree day 2009, you might want to use this
second chance and prepare a presentation for FOSS4G.

Stay tuned for the annual free and open source software for geospatial

Judit Mays
- --
l a t / l o n  GmbH
Aennchenstrasse 19               53177 Bonn, Germany
phone ++49 +228 18496-0          fax ++49 +228 18496-29  
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