JPEG2000 plugin for Geoserver on Linux: no kdu_jni in java.library.path

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JPEG2000 plugin for Geoserver on Linux: no kdu_jni in java.library.path

Hi all,

First, my specs:
OS: Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS, 64bit
Geoserver: 2.1.0
JPEG2000 ext:  gt-jp2k-2.7.1.jar, imageio-ext-kakadu-1.0.8.jar, and imageio-ext-kakadujni-5.2.6.jar

I am difficulties getting the JPEG2000 extension to work (it loads as a store option, but I try to use it, I get this error: "Unable to acquire a reader for this coverage with format: JP2K (Direct)").  I believe I have traced it to this error that shows on startup:

"WARNING: Failed to load the Kakadu native libs. This is not a problem unless you need to use the Kakadu plugin: it won't be enabled. java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no kdu_jni in java.library.path"

I found this blog post, which mentions this error briefly:, relevant info pasted below:
" It is important to remark that the native libraries for the Kakadu version of choice must be deployed in the PATH on windows and in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH on linux. As an instance on my Windows box I have added the bin directory of the JDK to the PATH environmental variable and I have deployed there three dlls for Kakadu 5.2.6, namely kdu_a52R.dll, kdu_jni.dll and kdu_v52R.dll

In order to check if the installation was successful you need to check the GeoServer logs at startups. If something like this appears:

18-feb-2010 17.11.15it.geosolutions.util.KakaduUtilities loadKakadu
WARNING:Native library load no kdu_jni in java.library.path

It means that the Kakadu JPEG2000 extension was not installed correctly."

But it is a little unclear to me which "native libraries" are being referred to and which directories to add to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, especially since I can't seem to find Linux version of three .dll's mentioned in the quote-  I've tried downloading Kakadu's Linux executables , and adding the .so file location to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH with no success.

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks very much in advance for help!