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JDBCConfig export Catalog to xml files

jan v eijk
I have running geoserver 2.12.2 on centos in a bdr-cluster and we want to
export the catalog and datastore from postgres to the standard configuration
with the xml files,

found a conversation in this mailing


There we Download java code

JdbcExport.java (4K) Download Attachment

- compiled the java code to a jar file and put this into web-inf/lib dir
- restart the geoserver
- open geoserver as an admin
- run de url http://<servername>/geosever/jdbcexport from the browser

after a while I get the 404 error in the browser,

but in the log file I see that is exporting

[geoserver.config] - Persisted com.sun.proxy.$Proxy195 to
[geoserver.config] - Persisting workspace MyWorkspace
[geoserver.config] - Persisted com.sun.proxy.$Proxy197 to
[geoserver.config] - Persisting wms store MyWorkspace
[geoserver.config] - Persisted com.sun.proxy.$Proxy215 to
 see INFO [org.geoserver] - Plugin 'jdbcexport' executed successfully!

then we found in the /tmp all the xml files with the name out.xxxxxxxxx

but this is not structured in the workspaces as we expected.

Can sombody help why the files are not tranfered to the normal structuture  


Gr. Jan

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