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Issue with map server caching

Sivaramakrishnan Nageswaran

I'm using OpenMapServer to host the maps (as WMS) and JDesktop & JXMapViewer to show the maps in our Swing application. We had a requirement to improve the speed of the display of the maps on the UI and so started trying out different caching.

Initially we tried TileCache. We were able to create the cache and when we tried to view the cached tiles on the application,  we faced some resolution and co-ordinate related issues. Is it not a straight forward mechanism to use TileCache from JDesktop?

Then, we tried with geowebcache. We were able to create the cache with this one as well and we were also able to view the cached images on the (Swing) application. However, we have been some tiles not showing proper images and they seemed to be distorted. We tried to use various country map (shape) files, but we are still facing the same issue of the image getting distorted for certain tiles. is there any issue with geowebcache or the JDesktop?

Any help/pointer would definitely help.

Thanks in advance.

- Siva

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