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Investigation into available services

Richard McDonnell

Hi all,

I am unsure if this is the right space for this, but was hoping someone might be able to help me, or point me in the correct direction.

I am carrying out research into Service Providers, to see what options are available to is in order to establish a full robust Enterprise FOSS4G solution within the Organisation.


We are currently running

·         Postgresql/PostGIS

·         GeoServer

·         OpenLayers

·         GeoDjango…etc..


With most people within the Organisation using OSGeo4w for the instillation of QGIS Desktop Software and ancillaries.

In our current state, keeping the systems up to date and Stable is quite time consuming, so we are hoping to free up resources by having the systems/services installed, managed and updated on an annual basis with a Maintenance agreement for a defined period.

What we are looking for is to have the above, plus with a few additional services we are currently missing:


1.       Instillation/Updating and Maintenance of Postgresql and PostGIS

2.       Instillation/Updating and Maintenance of GeoNode/GeoNetwork for Data Cataloguing

3.       Instillation/Updating and Maintenance of Vector/Raster Tiling Service (Caching).

4.       Instillation/Updating and Maintenance of GeoServer for Web Map Services

5.       Instillation/Updating and Maintenance of OpenLayers

6.       Instillation/Updating and Maintenance of GeoDjango


There may be more , but the above is the core we need to operate effectively.


It is important that the provided services are Open Source and not specific to one provider, all services should be available through OSGeo/FOSS4G and free from Licencing costs or other restrictions of use. Initially we are not looking for cloud services, physical infrastructure will be provided, but advice on this may initially be required to help establish a complete solution.


Regards & Thanks in advance for your help,





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