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Introductions Rob Atkinson @ OGC

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Hi All

my role at the OGC includes development, maintenance and research around sharing of "definitions" in general - which includes specs, data models, registers of things like CRS, sensor descriptions etc - anything OGC working groups might need to publish.

We are taking a "Technology Neutral Linked Data" approach - where we use content-negotiation and URIs to deliver definitions in different forms.

The legacy of OGC definitions I have inherited is being gradually enriched by inclusion of related information and cross-references.

The main issue I wish to explore in this forum is interoperability of such systems - the goal is not to be stuck with every group maintaining a silo of information with indeterminate amount of overlap and version consistency.  

Interoperability comes in three "layers"
1) functional behaviour - resolving a term to get a definition
2) data exchange - schema and vocabularies (e.g. status) of payloads of access methods
3) content re-use - transparent and effective reuse of content instead of the status quo of "embedded copies of some version of reused content without provenance metadata" (aka data governance and dependency management)

The OGC service is being upgraded to a emerging W3C standard for its functional behaviour:

the next step is to standardise the "profiles" we wil support.

Will pass on some materials about the OGC Definitions Server for review in due course.

If someone could lay out your roadmap against these concerns (even if its an active decision to ignore) it would help before I go into any technical detail or provide unwanted advice :-)

Rob Atkinson <[hidden email]>
Senior Research Engineer
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

The OGC: Making location count.

Location Powers: Data Science
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