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Intercept/enrich/template GetFeatureInfo

Dear List,
 we are trying to understand if there is a standard way to combine the Unit
of measurement coming from the geonetwork metadata (CSW or opensearch) with
the value (GREI_INDEX) coming from the WMS getFeatureInfo.

We know that on the WMS side is possible to modify it but the point here is
find a way to delegate to the metadata owner (GeoNetwork metadata creator)
the unit of measure AND show the UOM in the getfeatureinfo.

Looking around I've seen the proposal: <<Use iso19110 in GetFeatureinfo
response visualisation>>

Is it merged in the 3.4 as specified (we are on 3.10.1)?

How to use it? Is it there a working example somewhere?

Are there any other standard option to do that (define getfeatureinfo from
geonetwork to centralize uom handling into the metadata and showing it into
the getfeatureinfo)?

I will appreciate any suggestion,
Best regards,

Mr. Carlo Cancellieri
*skype*: ccancellieri
*Twitter*: @cancellieric

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