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Maria Antonia Brovelli

Dear All

after discussions with some of you, who reached me, I will propose the following.

1) Three contests for students/young researchers or professionals (when I mean "young" I'm think to propose less than 35) about creating educational/training material about these three topics:

P1) UN Open GIS: functionalities developed in Spiral 3

P2)  UN Open GIS: Geoshape Exchange Platform (Spiral 1)

P3) General: Open Source tools for managing Global Open Geospatial Data (OpenStreetMap, GlobLand30, Open Satellite imagery)

The third one is more general but relevant for developing countries and SDGs. Sometimes people in developing countries are not aware about the Open Source Data available but very often they are, but then don't know the tools for managing those data.

My proposal is to make an open call and set up a Commission for evaluating the applications (do you want to be part of the commission?). 

Then we need at least three mentors for the three projects (do you want to be part of the mentors?)

I suggest to propose for the first two projects 2500 $ each, for the last one 3000 $ (I believe this is more time consuming) and  to propose three months for concluding the projects.

2) We will go ahead with the activities related to UN Open GIS and we need budget for attending the workshops (generally 3/4 a year). I propose to ask the board 3500 $.

Summarising, about the initiatives, we'll go ahead with UN Open GIS but at the same time we start also something new, which can be useful for UN Open GIS but it is not limited to it. 

The total budget that I will ask the Board is 11500 $.

Please send us your comments, if any. If I don't hear any comment, I will send the request to the Board on Thursday, 23 November 2017.

And please let me know if there are volunteers for preparing the Call, for the Commission and for mentoring the Capacity Building Projects themselves.

Happy Sunday to everybody.


Pay attention to this Special Issue and see if it is of interest by you:

Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli
Professor of GIS and Remote Sensing
Politecnico di Milano

ISPRS WG IV/4 "Collaborative crowdsourced cloud mapping (C3M)" of Directors of OSGeo; GeoForAll Advisory Board; NASA WorldWind Europa Challenge; SIFET Advisory Board

UN-GGIM Academic Network Deputy Chair, UN-GGIM Italy, UN OpenGIS Initiative (Chair of the Capacity Building WG)

Sol Katz Award 2015


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