ImageMosaic layer reprojected with GeoWebCache - Bad image quality

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ImageMosaic layer reprojected with GeoWebCache - Bad image quality


I have a GeoServer 2.1.0 installed on a server.

I have setup some Image Mosaic layers on this GeoServer based on some groups of GeoTiff files in their original projection (for example EPSG:29902 for Ireland or EPSG:28992 for the Netherlands).

These layers have a good image display quality when I visualize them in WMS with the integrated OpenLayers component in their original projection.

WMS - original projection

I have then seeded this layer with GeoWebCache in EPSG:900913 projection (in order to integrate these layers in Google Maps API). When I visualize the result of this seeded layer in GeoWebCache integrated OpenLayers, the images have a worse display quality.

GeoWebCache - EPSG:900913

Does this quality degradation come from the tiled cache creation or from the reprojection ?
Is there a parameter to change to get a better image quality in the reprojected cache ?

I have tried to change the WMS compression parameters in GeoServer to 0 (no compression), it doesn't seem to change anything.

I have also tried to query the cache in different image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, ...), the problem seems to appear in every image format.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.