Image mosaic granule replaced but geoserver showing the old data.

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Image mosaic granule replaced but geoserver showing the old data.

Phil Scadden

Okay, lacking much info on how to replace a granule in an imagemosiac, I tried simply replacing the tile with a new one in the imagery directory. Geoserver didn’t like that (renderer complained about granule not found), but disabling/enabling the data store restored operation. Sort of. It is still displaying the old data. I have double checked that the Tif in in the imagery directory is the new one. There is no .ovr file. Tile caching is turned off but any case, the layer preview with single tile is still displaying the old tif. This is baffling. The old tif is gone – where on earth is getting the data from??


(and what is the approved way to replace a granule in an image mosaic?).




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