IT Specialist Open Position @ CIBIO-InBIO | open between 02/05/2018 to 31/05/2018

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IT Specialist Open Position @ CIBIO-InBIO | open between 02/05/2018 to 31/05/2018

Artur Gil-2

IT Specialist

Reference: ICETA 2018-26


Link to the call -


Main research field: Computer science


The CIBIO/InBIO, University of Porto, through ICETA, is seeking for a highly-qualified, self-motivated IT Specialist (Reference ICETA 2018-26) to work on the project PORBIOTA – Portuguese E- Infrastructure for Information and Research on Biodiversity – 22127. This project will be a distributed e-infrastructure to manage biodiversity data and meta-data from multiple sources (data providers). Tailored according to the national needs (research, management, policy, governance, citizen science), but compliant with requirements of LIFEWATCH and other international initiatives, it aims to promote a national agenda of biodiversity survey and research, and to provide services to the administration, the scientific community and society.


Desired Skills and Experience:

Degree or MSc in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related areas. Strong knowledge of Database design and SQL language is required. The jury will consider:

·         proficiency in the usage of open-source database engines (PostgreSQL, MySQL, sqlite3) and SQL Procedural Languages.

·         knowledge of spatial data types (e.g., PostGIS).

·         demonstrated experience in scripting languages (e.g., Python, PHP, Javascript) for front- and back-end development.

·         strong knowledge of database security, especially under UNIX/Linux database deployments.

Other competencies that may be valued are:

·         knowledge of UNIX/Linux OS deployment and management.

·         knowledge of UNIX/Linux network security.

·         knowledge of OS level virtualization and containers.

·         interest and willingness to learn new technologies to tackle challenges posed in the field of computational biology (especially big-data management and analysis).


Job Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will be involved in the design and development of the database infrastructure that will be the core of PORBIOTA facilities at CIBIO. His/her main job will consist in the design of databases to hold different types of biodiversity data (genetic, species occurrence, collections), in the development of tools aimed at the management of local databases, and in the implementation of tools for rapid data digitization. He/she will also be strongly involved in the development of the front-end tools that aggregate different data types for posterior analysis which will connect with PORBIOTA’s main portal.


Type of contract: fixed-term contract

Starting date: June 2018

Duration: 24 months

Monthly salary: Indice 20 Tabela de Remuneração Única


Selection Criteria:

In a first stage, candidates will be ranked based on:

·         Professional experience (40%).

·         The relevance of academic degree(s) (20%).

·         Software developed, published in SCI journals or available in open-access repositories (20%).

·         Motivation letter (20%).

If necessary, on a second stage only the top-most ranked candidates will be selected for an interview. The final rank will be calculated by the weighted average of the interview (40%) and the original ranked mark (60%). The interview will focus on the motivation of the candidate and his or her knowledge on the subject of this call. It may also include a technical discussion and/or technical questions. The jury will not choose any of the candidates if they all fail to demonstrate their fit to the position.


Jury composition:

Presidente: António Múrias do Santos, PhD

1º Vogal Efectivo: Pedro Beja, PhD

2º Vogal Efectivo: Paulo Célio Alves, PhD

1º Vogal Suplente: Nuno Ferrand de Almeida, PhD



This call will be open between 02/05/2018 to 31/05/2018

Candidates should send an email to[hidden email]. The email’s subject must include the reference of the position (Reference ICETA 2018-26) and also:

  • CV with at least:

- Contact;

- Academic degree(s) obtained;

- List of outputs including publications, software developed, patents and presentations, if any.

  • Motivation letter (may be written in Portuguese) including:

- An explanation of his or her motivation to do this job;

- A description of his or her professional experience including references (names, dates, and contacts) when appropriate.

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