INSPIRE Thesaurus but ['inspireThemes'].length == 0

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INSPIRE Thesaurus but ['inspireThemes'].length == 0

Antonio Aurelie
Hi all,

I work on Geonetwork 3.10.2 and have some trouble with the INSPIRE themes.

First, I had problem to download the thesaurus with the Administration
tool. I just had a red cross message error, no such information to
understand what happened. I thought it was again a joke of my enterprise
network security system ;)

So, I searched in an older version and copied 2 .rdf files in this
web/geonetwork/WEB-INF/data/config/codelist/external/thesauri/theme. I
  inspire-service-taxonomy.rdf and inspire-theme.rdf

I precise that system rights are exactly the same that the gemet.rdf
file, already existing.

When I have a look in the Administration tool everything seems to be
alright. Same thing when I create or edit a metadata, the Inspire themes
are available.

Neither less the home page and the search page don't show anything about
the Inspire themes. For both, the test
"searchInfo.facet['inspireThemes'].length == 0" is true.

I made no modification of the web/geonetwork/WEB-INF/config-summary.xml
because Inspire Themes seem to be already defined.

Any idea would be welcomed ! Thanks !


*Aurélie ANTONIO*

*Ingénieure Informatique*

*Equipe Ingénierie spatiale, Images & Géomatique*
Laboratoire Environnement  Ville  Société – UMR 5600

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