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INSPIRE Compliancy

Apparantly this message wasn't accepted as I wasn't a member, oops! So here it is again, I hope someone can help a little.

Hi All,

I have set up a geoserver wms service for INSPIRE as part of a project I'll talk about at FOSS4G, during this setup I have noticed a few issues and I wonder if anyone can confirm/deny them and if they know if they're in the pipeline to be fixed?

1. The workspace name is always prefixed onto the layer name, this creates illegal INSPIRE layer names.
2. It appeas that you can't have more than 1 bounding box per layer (1 ticket on this but no reply)
3. Geoserver adds the CRS:84 reference system by default on every layer when the inspire module is installed, but this reference system is only supposed to be used on data outside continental Europe, so I don't think it should be there by default.
4. No resource locator metadata otion
5. No vocabulary attribute available for keywords (jira codehouse ticket)
6. No conformity metadata attribute available (wms1.3.0 attribute)
7.No authorityURL and identifier metadata attributes available (1 thread on mailing list)

And one last question, is it possible to have styles in geoserver with same name e.g inspire_common:default?

Thanks in advance,