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HowTo: Configure Properties DataStore

Ed Parris

I’m using GeoServer 1.3.0-beta3 and am having problems creating a new feature type.


Here’s what I did:



            prefix: foo (click new)

            URI: (click submit)



            DataStore: Properties (select from pulldown)

            DataStore ID: foo_feature (click new)


            Enabled: (check box is on)

            Namespace: foo (selected from pulldown)

            Description: (blank, this is optional yes?)

            Directory: file:data/featureTypes/foo_feature/


BUT when I click submit I get a “Provided parameters can not be processed” message on the left side of my window. What am I doing wrong?


Should I have created the file already? If so what’s the format?


So if anyone has the step by step instructions or an example of how to do this I would appreciate it. Also FYI the properties file is not a requirement; I’m just trying to setup a small demonstration of this WFS with a small data set we have in a non-standard format (i.e. I have no way of creating a shape file from it etc.) Other data stores are fine but I’d rather not setup a real database for such a small demo.