How to debug MapGuide and FDO OGR?

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How to debug MapGuide and FDO OGR?

Hans Milling
Hi all

I have a strange problem with a MapGuide installation. I tried both 2.2 and 2.6 but they both fail sometimes.
When I preview the map, everything works fine, if I validate the map a few layers fail with an FDO Exception. If I validate these layers individually, there is no problem (before I validate the map). Sometimes the error when validating the map is "Connect failed", other times it says "Unsupported aggregate operation" in the log (but no info on what "function" that is not supported). All the layers in the map are MapInfo TAB files. Sometimes after validating MapGuide stops rendering all labels on the map. The map works fine, I can switch on/off layers etc. there are just no text on the map. If I try to validate any resource after this, the server fails with an FDO Exception.
The layers reported to have errors are different from the MapGuide 2.2 and 2.6 installation.
Restarting the MapGuide service makes it work again until I validate the map.
My guess is that some layer has some data that makes MapGuide server (or the FDO provider) bleed out and not work properly (Like if a MapInfo table has a DateTime field MapGuide cannot handle this). Question is how do I debug this, is there any way to get verbose output from the MapGuide and the FDO OGR provider about what is going on? Like with the "Connect failed". If the file is on the disk and accessible, what is it that breaks inside MapGuide/FDO that makes it not able to read file, a more detailed error message would be nice. Also the "Unsupported aggregate operation", what kind of operations is MapGuide trying to do trough the FDO provider that the FDO provider refuses to do (or does not support).

Perhaps some more detailed output could tell me what is going on (or at least what layer/featuresource might be causing the problems).

Best regards Hans Milling...
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Re: How to debug MapGuide and FDO OGR?

Jackie Ng
Try activating full trace logging in serverconfig.ini

LogsDetail = MappingService:3,FeatureService:3

Warning: This could result in very noisy log output

Also try seting CPL_DEBUG=ON as an environment variable before running MapGuide

Note that the OGR provider is very bare-bones in terms of FDO capabilities. I'd be interested to know myself where the "Unsupported aggregate operation" error comes from, as this indicates a either a mismatch of capabilities as reported by the OGR provider or misbehaving FDO client application code.

- Jackie