How to configure LDAP connection in Geonetwork 3.6 ?

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How to configure LDAP connection in Geonetwork 3.6 ?


I try to configure geonetwork 3.4 to manage user connections with my
LDAP network directory. Documentation about versions 3.X is not very
useful :

I included the link to config-security-ldap.xml in config-security.xml.
The file didn't exist in the
directory so I created it from scratch. But what I'm supposed to write
inside it ? Documentation says nothing about that !

So I found some help in documentation of version 2.10 :

This version talk about file instead of but I thought it was the same
and tried with those lines. But nothing happens ! When I look in the
file config-security-ldap.xml I think it's normal because there is a
link to but not to So I added a link to this
file. No when I try to restart geonetwork it doesn't work anymore and I
get a Java error :

Caused by:
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanInitializationException: Could not
process key 'ldap.base.dn' in PropertyOverrideConfigurer; nested
exception is
org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean
named 'ldap' is defined

When I tried to write those lines directly in file and removed my link to I get the same error. I
checked with my admin and the parameters to the LDAP server are ok.

So I really don't understand what to do. Maybe the lines from version
2.10 are not accurate for version 3 ? But I didn't succeed to find the
good information...

Thanks for help,


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