How to call geowebcached layer?

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How to call geowebcached layer?

I have tried to get my layer from gwc but it dosn't work
I have change my WMS path from geoserver/wms to geoserver/gwc/service/wms but then my WMS i broken and i will only get pink tiles(broken).

I have successfully created my cache tile (over 800MB)

In my geowebcache.xml i have created the cached layer "grundlager_3008" from my original WMS-layer "grundlager"

My original wms-call looks like this

tiled = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(
        "Karta", "",
                layers:'grundkarta', <-- "What layer to call? my cached one or the original?" -->
                styles: '',
                tiled: true,
                singleTile: true,
                displayInLayerSwitcher: true,
                useCanvas: OpenLayers.Layer.Grid.ONECANVASPERTILE,
                visibility: true,
                projection: "EPSG:3008",
                tilesOrigin: map.maxExtent.left + ',' + map.maxExtent.bottom,
                GetCapabilities: true

Can anyone tell my how my WMS-call to geowebcache should look like, i have tried all i can think of. The documentation of GeoServer/GeoWebCache is not much of a help either.