How much memory is required to seed tiles?

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How much memory is required to seed tiles?

parsis presswala

I am running mapserver on 61 GB RAM and cpu of 8 core.
When I am trying to seed the tiles it is showing me following error.

I am seeding tiles with following command:
mapcache_seed -c /etc/apache2/mapcache.xml -t asia-tileset -g grid2 -n 4 -z 3,3

failed to seed tile z3,x0,y0:
curl failed to request url : The requested URL returned error: 504 Gateway Timeout

aborting seed as 100.0% of the last 1000 requests failed

I was seeding tiles successfully when I have only two continents (asia + central america) in database.But as I insert other continents in database I am getting error.

Here is my mapfile.

I have used MAXSCALEDENOM and MINSCALEDENOM in every layer. Here is my mapfile. What should I change in it?

I haven't use , I have created on my own.

Can I generate tiles with same configurations?

Thanks in advance.

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