How can I get transformation matrix from `invproj`?

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How can I get transformation matrix from `invproj`?

Ken Mankoff
I'm working with data on a rotated pole. I can project from "real world" to "rotated" coordinates with the following command: 

invproj -f "%f" +proj=ob_tran +o_proj=latlon +o_lon_p=-200 +o_lat_p=18 +lon_0=180 -m 57.295779506

I'd like to adjust some GRASS vectors. They aren't simple point vectors so I can't easily export | invproj | import. However, GRASS does have a v.transform command

I'm having trouble figuring out two things:

1) What is the translation and rotation that occurs based on the invproj command above
2) How to I convert that information to the x y shift and z rotate expected by the v.transform command. 

I'm hoping this list can help with the first?

Thank you,

  Ken Mankoff

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