Here comes 'participatory lithology' from Tatti, Southern Tuscany, networked with other locations

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Here comes 'participatory lithology' from Tatti, Southern Tuscany, networked with other locations

andrea giacomelli-2
[apologies for cross-postings]

Dear all, I hope you are well.

I am pleased to let you know about a new project from the network: Participatory Lithology.

...this was launched on March 21, and is raising some interest at least at the national level (yesterday we were interviewed by one of the main radio shows in the country).

Combining the mobility constraints from this period with some ideas we were in fact working on in the weeks preceding the COVID-19 crisis, we set up a network involving a number of families in Tatti, where I live in Southern Tuscany, and geologists from other regions.

Since Tatti is in a former mining district there are several stock or minerals and rocks, and our networked geologists have the expertise to help us and make some order in these collections. All with a soundtrack curated by the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band (our "in-house" live music section).

It is possible to join the project in one of four roles, and we hope that during the coming weeks the initial team (around ten people between Tatti, Turin, Como, Siena, and Milan) will with other initiatives we launched in the past: we like to emphasize some key locations where these are originating, but participation is open from all over the globe.

At the link above you will find all the details on how to participate, either as a collector, a classifier, an entertainer, or a sponsor. And a couple of tunes to start the story.

Regards from Tatti!

Andrea Giacomelli
Cultura, Ambiente, Innovazione Libera
P. IVA: 01582480537

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