Help with api call to delete elements

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Help with api call to delete elements

Jo Cook
Hi All,

Could someone help me with a working example of the api call to delete
metadata elements? I'm trying to insert/update/delete transfer option URLs
(with python, from a supplied csv). Insert and Update are working fine,
using the batchedit api and the url-host-relocator process, but I'm
struggling to get deletion to work. I'm trying
/api/0.1/records/{metadataUuid}/editor/elements (in Geonetwork 3.4.x).

Record UUID is clear (obviously)

Ref: This is supposed to be an array apparently, so I've tried variations
on [<gmd:onLine><gmd:CI_OnlineResource><gmd:linkage><gmd:URL></gmd:URL>
</gmd:protocol> <gmd:name> <gco:CharacterString>bob</gco:CharacterString>
</gmd:name> <gmd:description> <gco:CharacterString>bob's new site
7</gco:CharacterString> </gmd:description>

Parent: I've
tried /gmd:MD_Metadata/gmd:distributionInfo/gmd:MD_Distribution/gmd:transferOptions/gmd:MD_DigitalTransferOptions/

I just get a 404 not found error as a response when I use the api.

Could someone show me a working set of parameters please?

Many thanks

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