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Amy Johnson
I am using Mapbuilder 1.5-rc2 and I am having problems with a map that I am serving from Geoserver 1.6.1.  I am using the example wfs-t in mapbuilder as my starting point and have altered it for my data. When I click on an element, I get no returned information. However, when I go into Geoserver and do the same thing with the demo version of this map, I get returned data.

The EPSG for the map is 2992 and here is the boundary information out of info.xml:

  <latLonBoundingBox dynamic="false" maxx="-116.42044676390391" maxy="46.28882774701238" minx="-124.80027922399252" miny="41.92040137226991" />
  <nativeBBox dynamic="false" maxx="2344979.0010771346" maxy="1654759.754131657" minx="223719.2497255574" miny="88651.9572171052" />

In my xml that defines the layers I am using, I have the following for the BoundingBox:

        <BoundingBox SRS="EPSG:2992" minx = "223719.2497255574" miny = "88651.9572171052" maxx = "2344979.0010771346" maxy = "1654759.754131657" />
When I get the map up on the screen, the coordinates are showing as x being between approximately -124 and -116, and y being between 42 and 46 which look like long/lat. I tried substituting the lat/long bounding box, in my xml, but then I got no image. When I pull this map up in geoserver, the x is between -623983 and 3213127 and y between 1870383 and 2173728.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a good reference for understanding what to enter for the boundingbox?




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