Help needed combining 2 "example" projects

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Help needed combining 2 "example" projects

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In the first place, i'm not a big coder.
I'm working in a little one-time project with openLayers, digging into all the code is way to much overkill at this moment.
please bare with me that i need some help with this.

I have a few KML files that i want to display each as a layer.
I found exactly what i need in the exaples from page.

I want to use the mobile-jq example but i need it to adapt so i can use the KML files to handle the data (just like the KML example)

Can someone help me adapt the code so it can handle 4 KML files that each represent a layer?

In short:

- Remove the 2 present layers from the mobile-base.js
- Recode the mobile-base.js to handle the KML files (like kml-layer.js)
- Make each KML file a different layer (4 in total, like: file1.kml=layer1, file2.kml=layer2 etc)
- Give each layer its own markericon so you can see the difference between the 4 layermarkers

I hope someone understands what i'm trying to accomplish and is willing to help me.

Reply in English or Dutch please.