Heads-up of students interacting with MapServer community

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Heads-up of students interacting with MapServer community

Hi devs,

I had earlier sent a message out to OSGeo's Discuss mailing list, but
should have sent one here also: young highschool students are now
competing in a Google contest called the "Code-In" where 1400+ young
students from around the world (500+ schools) do short 3-5 hour tasks in
Open Source projects.

This year we/OSGeo submitted our first application to participate, and
we were accepted (only 25 projects/organizations were approved).

Note that these short tasks are not all coding related, but also design,
outreach, documentation; the goal is to get these young future
developers interested in OSGeo and its projects.  This is the 3rd week
and it is fascinating seeing all the activity!  You can see the list of
OSGeo projects participating here:
   Or you can see the full list of organizations participating at

For MapServer, Assefa and I have created a few tasks (as "mentors" for
the students), which some of you might have seen reported here on the
dev list.  Just fun ways to get students interested in MapServer.

The contest runs until 18 January.

Thanks all!

I hope this tradition continues for OSGeo every year now.


-on behalf of GCI admins
(I'm helping admin, and as a mentor for students)

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