Harvest thredds catalog using fragments

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Harvest thredds catalog using fragments

Chiara Scaini-2
Hi all! I'm trying to set up a harvester for a thredds catalog that contains meteorological data (mostrly netcdf).

Until now I had used the option 'Extract DIF metadata elements and create ISO metadata' which worked correctly. However, I think it may be better to use the option "Extract Unidata dataset discovery metadata using fragments".

Unfortunately, I can't select the template in the '' dropdown option. The harvesters template seem to be None. I checked the backend code and the folder where the templates should be, and the file 'thredds-harvester-unidata-data-discovery.xml' is there. Am I missing something?

Also, are you aware of any utilities that allows converting a thredds catalog into the mef format, possibly enriching it on-the-fly? I have the thredds catalog but can't adapt it to some of my data, so I'm considering the MEF option.

Many thanks,

Chiara Scaini

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