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Github issue clean up

Kristian Evers-2



The last few days I have been going through all the reported issues on github [0]. That includes tickets from the old trac site that has been migrated to github. I wanted to close all tickets that are no longer valid. I ended up closing around 30 tickets that were either fixed, not applicable any more or if it seemed like no one cared about the issue. Along the way I have taken care of some of the more simple issues, mostly known bugs with a patch attached to the ticket.


Please have a look at the list of recently closed issues [1] and see if I inadvertently have closed an issue you still care about. That is very likely, especially for the old trac tickets. Let me know if that is the case and I will reopen the issue!


I would also like to ask you to go have a look at the list of known bugs [2] and see if you can help resolve some of the problems. Either by bringing more knowledge to the table or, even better, with a pull request that fixes the problem.






[1] <a href=";is%3Aclosed&#43;sort%3Aupdated-desc">

[2] <a href=";sort%3Aupdated-desc&#43;is%3Aopen&#43;label%3Abug">


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