Getting ready for release of 0.9.2

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Getting ready for release of 0.9.2

Tim Sutton
Hi Folks

After some delay while we got our newly formed release team a little
organised, we are ready to forge on with our release schedure. We
would like to release 0.9.2 on April 15th 2008. You will no doubt see
some messages coming from the release team over this time as we spread
the work of doing the release amongst the team. Please bear with us as
we get used to our new roles. In particular you might get asked for
some info regarding the new features you have worked on during the
0.9.2 release cycle as one of our aims is to make more enjoyable,
meaningful and interesting release announcements. I have posted the
updated timings on the 0.9.2 release checklist here:

The key thing to note is that feature freeze will go into effect as of
25 March 2008.

Best regards

Tim Sutton
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