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GetFeatureInfo Cascading WMS

Berger, Cora
Dear group,
normally it is possible to request more than one layer with one GetFeatureInfo-request. This doesn't work with cascading WMS. Is this a bug?

Here are some example request:

Query-Layer: nw_tim_h_inu (works fine),5625172.894819761,380460.5309751969,5626137.912301861

Query-Layer: nw_tim_m_inb (works fine),5625172.894819761,380460.5309751969,5626137.912301861

If I request both layers at the same time, I don't get a result:
Query-Layer: nw_tim_m_inb, nw_tim_h_inu,nw_tim_h_inu&LAYERS=nw_tim_m_inb,nw_tim_h_inu&INFO_FORMAT=text/html&RADIUS=10&I=50&J=50&CRS=EPSG:25832&STYLES=&WIDTH=101&HEIGHT=101&BBOX=379495.5134930965,5625172.894819761,380460.5309751969,5626137.912301861

Cheers Cora
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