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GetFeature sortBy problems

Heikkilä Janne (MML)

GetFeature sortBy doesn't seem to work when using WFS 2.0.0


My setting:

- deegree version 3.3.20

- INSPIRE GeographicalNames schema

- PostGIS FeatureStore, 800k rows in the table - one of our smallest datasets. The column mapped to 'localId' is an integer column and is also the primary key of the table. The column is btree indexed (obviously since it’s the primary key).


These three requests return exactly the same FeatureCollection with same Features in the same order. They aren’t either the first nor the last 10 rows in the table when actually sorted by the column mapped to  the ‘localId’;%20subtype=gml/3.2.1&typenames=gn:NamedPlace&count=10&sortBy=gn:inspireId/base:Identifier/base:localId%20DESC;%20subtype=gml/3.2.1&typenames=gn:NamedPlace&count=10&sortBy=gn:inspireId/base:Identifier/base:localId%20ASC;%20subtype=gml/3.2.1&typenames=gn:NamedPlace&count=10&sortBy=gn:inspireId/base:Identifier/base:localId


So it seems like sortBy is ignored totally when using WFS version 2.0.0.

Corresponding WFS 1.1.0 requests:;%20subtype=gml/3.2.1&typename=gn:NamedPlace&maxFeatures=10&sortBy=gn:inspireId/base:Identifier/base:localId%20DESC;%20subtype=gml/3.2.1&typename=gn:NamedPlace&maxFeatures=10&sortBy=gn:inspireId/base:Identifier/base:localId%20ASC;%20subtype=gml/3.2.1&typename=gn:NamedPlace&maxFeatures=10&sortBy=gn:inspireId/base:Identifier/base:localId


These are actually processing something but unfortunately all of them result in an Exception:


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

<ows:ExceptionReport xmlns:ows="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.0.0">

  <ows:Exception exceptionCode="NoApplicableCode">

    <ows:ExceptionText>GC overhead limit exceeded</ows:ExceptionText>




Ideas, comments?




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