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Düster Horst
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I published the Version 0.2 of the geoprocessing plugin. With this version you can use the internationalisation methods offered by QT and PyQT.

1. Add your language to Filename convention: geoprocessing_<first two letters of your locale name>.ts
2. Create a *.ts file with: pylupdate4
3. translate with QT linguist
4. release with QT linguist

Enjoy the translated plugin.

When you make translations please send the *.ts and *.qm files to me for integration into the plugin distribution.



Dr. Horst Düster
GIS-Koordinator, Stv. Amtschef

Kanton Solothurn
Bau- und Justizdepartement
Amt für Geoinformation
SO!GIS Koordination
Rötistrasse 4
CH-4501 Solothurn

Telefon ++41(0)32 627 25 32
Telefax ++41(0)32 627 22 14

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