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Geonetwork Release Code Names

Joana Simoes-2
Good Morning,

As I've been tagging the geonetwork docker image, I realized we don't use any code names for each release. I don't know if there is a specific intention of not using code names, or if the subject was never brought to discussion, so I decided to bring it here.

Code names are a "friendly" way of referring to particular release, and often they are easier to remember than numbers. Many Linux distributions adopt a code name, composed of one or two words:

If we don't agree on a particular theme from which to create code names, or don't want to spend time to create them at all, we can always refer to an automatic tool, like the one used by docker to generate container names:

(it is fine, even if we use this one, I think)

            Let me know your thoughts about this :-)


Vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards,

Joana Simoes

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