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Geonetwork - CSW 2.0.2 Harvester - Search criteria

van Crombrugge, Sven (LVGL)

I'm trying to figure out how to get a filter on a harvester running. The filter should be using the "title" attribute, but the option is not given for some reason.

The corresponding CSW lists the attribute in its GetCapabilities response:

From my understanding the search criteria should be automatically rendered on the administration page for the harvester from this response and list all possible filters, but it doesn't. Actually it doesn't even show any filters, until I click on another harvester and switch back. A look on the DB table harvestersettings doesn't list the title as a filter option for the csw neither.
I tested the desired results by sending POST requests to the CSW filtering for the title and it worked. I guess it has to do with whatever function is responsible for detecting the allowed filter options.

Does anybody know a way to fix that?

(Attachment: screenshots of the harvester settings with the missing search filter options)

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