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[Geomoose-users] highlightFeatures in Identify service

David Percy
Hi, I have been trying to fire off an onmouseover event to highlight objects on the map (overlapping polygons) from the list of results of an Identify click. 
I can popup an Alert on mouseover that contains the unique ID for the polygon for testing.

However, when I use code similar to that in the parcels demo: 
    onmouseenter="app.highlightFeatures({'id' : '{{ properties.id }}'}, true)"
Nothing happens.

I have myself convinced that this function (highlightFeatures) doesn't exist in the context of the Identify service, so I am going to try modifying the Select service to do what I need.

Can anyone confirm my hunch that the highlightFeatures function isn't part of the Identify service?
(It still could be a CSS issue, but I am trying the Select route, for now...)

Thanks for any help,

David Percy ("Percy"), M.S.
-Geospatial Data Manager
-Web Map Wrangler
-GIS Instructor
Portland State University

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