Geometry DataType problem with App-Schema

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Geometry DataType problem with App-Schema

Pawel Soczewski

Hi All,

I've problem with support geometry function in WFS 2.0 when a geometry attribute is defined in DataType class and not directly in featureType class. For example: INSPIRE Address application schema 4.0 where geometry of address type is position:GeographicPosition:geomerty:GM_Point.

In the GML file that returns through the WFS service always SRS is encoded like this:, regardless of server settings. 


<gml:Point gml:id="geometry.0000059a-af4a-4940-8580-b55579f34b4f" srsDimension="2"srsName="">
52.32023551 21.19134196


But a more serious problem is with spatial filtering e.g. BBOX. Server not correctly supports other SRS then native and order of axis.

Similar problems occur in other application schema where geometry is in DataType e.g. maritime units and population distribution.

Am I doing something wrong or a bug? I'm using Geoserver 3.14 i 3.12 and PostGIS database but the same problem have
occured with MS SQL database.

Below fragment of my App-Schema config:

        <OCQL>strConcat('geometry.', id_localid)</OCQL>

Best regards,


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