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Cartographic Production Manager

AMS Geomatics - Madrid Area, Spain (Madrid y alrededores, España)

Descripción del empleo

We are looking for a Cartographic Production Manager. The selected candidate will be responsible of our production chain  and the delivery of products under the necessary parameters of quality and efficiency.

The position implies process engineering tasks, location of contractors, training of the digitizing team and creation and coordination of the local team. It will be necessary to work closely with the in-house development team, that will be providing all the tools for production and quality control of deliverables.

The candidate must have excelent communication skills in english and experience dealing with offshore teams located in India, Malaysia, Philippines, ...


Experiencia y aptitudes deseadas

- Communication skills

- Offshore management

- Leadership

- Mass production of content

- Process engineering

- "Lean thinking" attitude

Descripción de la empresa

AMS Geomatics provides consulting services specialized in the development and implementation of geographic information, computer vision and mass information processing systems. Our team of professionals, with an extensive experience in the sector, whose mission is to mark the technological trends of the future while developing solutions to the current problems of our clients. The high commitment of AMS Geomatics to innovation and excellence, coupled with the passion of our engineers for technology, turn the company into a touchstone in the geospatial industry.

Información adicional

22 de febrero de 2013
Jornada completa
Nivel de mediana antigüedad
Servicios y tecnología de la información 
Identificación del empleo:
Un saludo,
C/ Rualasal, 23 - 3º
39001-Santander. (Cantabria).
Telf.: 942 037 598
Fax: 942 037 599.
Correo: [hidden email]
Web: cantabria.geografos.org

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