GeoTools/GeoServer meeting minutes August 7th 2018

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GeoTools/GeoServer meeting minutes August 7th 2018


GeoTools / GeoServer Meeting 2018-08-07


Andrea Aime

Torben Barsballe

Kevin Smith

Jukka Rahkonen


  • Torben: We need a wiki page for GeoServer (Spring 5 upgrade etc…)

  • Jody: We need news announcement for the Java 18.9 sprint, asking for participants and sponsorship

  • Jody: OSGeo sprint page for Java 18.9

  • Andrea: one wiki page for jai-ext, imageio-ext, jai and imageio themselves


  • Windows build almost there

  • GeoWebCache reformat

  • M support in stores and OGC services

  • Security

  • Chit chat

Windows build almost there

GT and GWC building

GS needs a review, see “GWC tests failing on Windows, race condition and suggested fix” on the list.

AppVeyor build on GeoServer PRs? No objections.

GeoWebCache reformat

Will be done in the next two weekends

M support in stores and OGC services

Parallel JTS and GeoTools/GeoServer work. JTS almost ready to merge, Nuno can work from snapshot then. Then coordinated release.

  • Feedback addressed

  • Waiting on travis


Private/non archived mailing list is up. We can change the documentation to make people post to it, it will get in a moderation queue, we just need to tell OSGeo who’s gonna administer it.

Andrea and Jody volunteered to be mailing list administrators.

We have found a tool that runs automated check for outstanding vulnerables via our dependencies.

Brad has been working hard on this.


  • Is it possible to set up a “private” jenkins build? Jenkins matrix security. Build takes some time, so nightly build

  • Some of the Jenkins plugins are out of date, can we schedule update?

Chit chat

Schedule Java roadmap code sprint upgrade. Idea, semi-distributed, one meeting point in north america, one in europe, one in oceania (more to come if we have other participants?)


  • September - January is the window, after Java 18.9 release, before Java 8 EOL

  • Late October/ Early November?


  • Jody: We need news announcement, asking for participants and sponsorship

  • Torben: We need a wiki page for GeoServer (Spring 5 upgrade etc…)

  • Andrea: one wiki page for jai-ext, imageio-ext, jai and imageio themselves

  • Jody: OSGeo sprint page


  • A lot of coordination will be required

  • GeoTools - hard break with no possibility for backwards compatibility? (forced package renaming or different collection of jars)

  • So much work to do, some of it can be done in parallel

  • JaxB, can depend standalone

  • JAI, we had a failure on java version number parsing. Not sure about a way forward.

  • Shapefile memory map cleanup, used reflection so many be in trouble. Will need to research workaround…


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