GeoTools / GeoServer PMC meeting - 2019-08-20

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GeoTools / GeoServer PMC meeting - 2019-08-20



Kevin Smith

Torben Barsballe

Jody Garnett

Jukka Rahkonen

Actions from last meeting


  • 2.15.3 Release (no volunteers…)

  • 2.16-RC Release

  • FOSS4G


2.15.3 Release

No volunteers - release in limbo.

Check back after foss4g :)

2.16-RC Release

2.15.3 looks like it won't be happening this week, and no one has identified any critical pending code changes for the RC, so will start the GT 22-RC / GS 2.16-RC midweek (Later this afternoon or sometime tomorrow).


Good luck everyone:

How to help:

  • Any air support with blog posts or twitter

  • Quickly review any PRs on docguide or developer guide ahead of workshops :)

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