GeoTools / GeoServer PMC meeting - 2019-02-05

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GeoTools / GeoServer PMC meeting - 2019-02-05

Torben Barsballe


Torben Barsballe

Andrea Aime

Jukka Rahkonen

Jody Garnett

Actions from Last Meeting

  • Torben: try to up the file limits again on Jenkins [Done - Didn't help]


  • 2.15 release, Jody with Andrea as a sidekick to do the blog post

  • JDK version recognition and do not set Marlin on JDK 11, Andrea for Linux, Jody for Windows


  • Spotbugs QA and next steps

  • GeoServer 2.15.0 Release in 2 weeks

  • Jenkins file limits (again)

  • Conferences and Events

  • General Chatter

Spotbugs QA and next steps

Spotbugs is on, just need to merge the GeoServer pull request:

GeoTools timeline:

Checkstyle to check just javadoc referencing non existing parameters, and file having header. Andrea will check if that is not too much work and doable in spare time (others welcomed to add).

Spotbugs GS pull request merged

GeoServer 2.15.0 Release in 2 weeks

Yay! Jody can do it, but does not want to do the blog post on his own :)

Follow @geowolf on twitter for a sneak peek.

Issues to consider for release:

  • Marlin PATH issues? When using JDK 11 putting Marlin on the path is not needed. Anyone working on that?

    • Andrea can help with the Linux side

    • Jody will try the windows one? (but won't enjoy it)

  • An older copy of Java 8 and Tomcat was producing warnings on files (non fatal, please update!)

  • GeoTools documentation restructure to match new modules (remove gt-api section of docs)

This should be a great release! Some risk (with lack of response to milestone and release candidate).

  • Torben has been using and testing it (not in production)

Jenkins file limits (again)

Upper limits again, did not have an effect. Maybe will do a hard server restart.

Conferences and Events


  • Call for papers is now closed :P

  • Jody and Kevin are going to start a State of GeoServer slide deck

  • Jody is submitting the GeoServer Developers workshop

    • We need more contributors so may as well start with that


  • Call for papers is open

  • Last years "GeoServer Ecosystem" was good, any takers for this year?

  • Jody is submitting the GeoServer Developers workshop

    • Anyone want to join me? Ian :)


  • End of the month!

Stupid ideas:

  • Merge all the "state of geoserver" presentations into a single 700 page reference slide deck

Chit chat

  1. LocationTech Raster Processing Engine is being restructured as an Eclipse Project:

    1. Please sign up to email list for discussion

    2. change to Apache License (same as JAI-EXT)

    3. blocker:

      1. proposing Java "Advanced Imaging API"

      2. package

      3. package org.eclipse.imagine (Image Engine)

        1. andrea wins best name suggestion :)

    4. discussion on geospatial angle, how much do we need to preserve / project?

      1. zonal stats and so on are not gis specific

    5. scope increase from RPE

      1. the native code? not focus for version 1.0

      2. the distributed jai? this is now outdated …

      3. renderable vs rendered

    6. scope decrease from RPE

      1. hyperspectral becomes "no artificial limits on number of bands"

    7. usability

      1. type safe parameter blocks (see RPE example)

  2. ECQL xpath conflict discussion (over representation of compound attributes)

    1. CQL does something strange and wonderful "master/attribute.element"

      1. Same named, but not the one we use: prox/xyz.unit="street"

      2. OGC Common Query Language: page 11

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