GeoTools / GeoServer Meeting 2018-01-22

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GeoTools / GeoServer Meeting 2018-01-22

Torben Barsballe


  • Andrea Aime

  • Jody Garnett

  • Ian Turton

  • Torben Barsballe

  • Jukka Rahkonen


  • (Torben) Issue pull request for the geotools command line compatibility options

  • (All) Please reach out to interested parties and warn about Java LTS and “jigsaw” disruption and ask for interest in sprint planning (foss4gna, osgeo sprint, geoserver sprint planned, …)

  • (All) Draft blog posts for release - please review.

Previous meeting Actions

  • Torben: Send mail to GeoTools Devel and list admins about GeoTools Jira issue creation emails not making it to geotools-devel - DONE

    • not fixed, need to reset the password

  • Torben: Update GeoServer Testing instructions with coverage tool replacement (jacoco) - DONE

  • Jody: review OSGeo GeoServer sponsorship page, possibly add a donate button

  • Ben and Jukka: set up member profiles on new OSGeo website

  • Ben: add Transient to new OSGeo service providers page before 15 January - DONE


  • Java 9 compatibility

  • Jigsaw Planning

  • January Release

  • WMS nearest time/elevation match support (to mail)

  • Document some interesting non-community modules

Java 9 Compatibility

Java EOL Schedule:

  • see “geotools java 9 compatibility” email


  • March release with instructions for using Java 9 and Java 18.3

  • command line options for -  jaxb and activation in image mosaic (to avoid ‘jigsaw’)

  • Java 8 just works, if someone is using Java 9 they use command line jvm “--add-module” arguments

    • Q: Add jaxb as a dependency? Not quite same the same version as available in Java 9 producing strange failures.


  • Requires the same command line options

  • Update Spring 5? Anything else forced …

    • Spring 5 drops some functionality for database connection unwraps

      • So we will drop it from our list of unwrappers we support, leaving jboss, oracle, java 6 unwrap, etc…

    • Other than that very similar to Spring 4 “relatively compatible”

  • Torben is chasing this down, has a little time, may or may not make March code freeze.

    • Q: Could we start a branch and get more contributors working on this beyond Torben?

      • GWC may need to update hazelcast …

Jigsaw Planning

Jigsaw is the reason for the command line options.

Java “jigsaw” is focused on making JVM start up quick, and is aggressively modular, only loading the components needed and asking jars to list their dependencies.

  • Jars are now sealed, multiple jars can no longer contribute to the same package

    • this would require us to refactor geotools library jars and plugins ...

  • Jar manifests now list dependencies, …

    • Migration guide (plus reasons behind these restrictions):

    • Any modules, developed under java 8 imported as an automated module, module name is from the file name of the jar

    • Or add a flag in the manifest jar

    • Or update to Java 9 module structure

    • maven team asks (and others) ask this be sorted out prior to use …

      • do we need to wait, or upgrade, all our dependencies, …

      • Checking: apache is starting to write down which of their libraries is compatible:

      • commons lang - yes

      • commons beanutils - not since 2016

      • commons httpclient - we would need to upgdade from 1.0 → 2.0

      • h2 upgrade is not binary compatible, so this will be very hard

      • dbcp released in 2017, no mention of java 9 fix

  • Reflection has stricker access limits, hence the upgrade to spring 5…

Java 9 (six months), Java 18.3 (march 2018 for six month), Java 18.9 (1st LTS release)

  • no longer backporting security fixes, etc...

  • Q: Should we focus on just LTS?

    • probably if oracle is doing six months, …

  • Q: Code sprint after 2.13 to crush dependencies to make this problem more tractable

    • easy: log4j, apache commons, http client, etc…

    • hard: h2, batik

    • abandoned: jfreechat

    • drop: jai-imageio (no longer needed, everything needed in imageio-ext)

February breakout meeting with LocationTech projects on this, projects that use GeoTools and GeoServer.

  • Ideally would like to get the “march command line + LTS” plan in place, and then recruit participants for sprint?

command line discussion:

  • consider detecting java and issuing different java startup options for java 8 and java 9, ...


  • torben to issue pull request for the geotools command line compatibility options

  • please reach out to interested parties and warn about Java LTS and “jigsaw” disruption and ask for interest in sprint planning (foss4gna, osgeo sprint, geoserver sprint planned, …)

January Release

Draft blog posts - please review.

Windows and MacOS release pending.

Interesting non-community modules

Perhaps worth documenting somewhere close to the community modules (

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