GeoServer 2.2 INSPIRE Download Service compatibility

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GeoServer 2.2 INSPIRE Download Service compatibility

Jürgen Weichand-2
Hello everybody,

I made some analysis on the INSPIRE compatibility of GeoServer 2.2 as
INSPIRE DownloadService (based on the Technical Guidance).


INSPIRE Extension (Service Metadata Link)
Is there any news on this?

Layer MetadataURL (Data Metadata Link(s))
The Layer MetadataURL (e. g. a link to a GetRecordByIdRequest) is
rendered into the WMS-Capabilities (Layer Section) but not into the
WFS-Capabilities (FeatureType Section).

INSPIRE Capabilities Example:

The Guidance paper also provides a list of the required conformance
classes (Direct WFS) based on the ISO 19143. ResourceIdentification and
Minimum XPath Filter are not advertised/supported in GeoServer 2.2

     ISO 19143 (FES 2.0) Ad hoc Query [advertised]
     ISO 19143 (FES 2.0) Resource Identification [NOT advertised]
     ISO 19143 (FES 2.0) Minimum Standard Filter [advertised]
     ISO 19143 (FES 2.0) Minimum Spatial Filter [advertised]
     ISO 19143 (FES 2.0) Minimum Temporal Filter [advertised]
     ISO 19143 (FES 2.0) Minimum XPath Filter [NOT advertised]

Best regards

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