[GeoServer 2.1.1] - WMS integration on Geomajas

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[GeoServer 2.1.1] - WMS integration on Geomajas


I develop a WebGIS application with a GIS Framework called Geomajas. I use GeoServer to integrate raster data like WMS on my application.

My raster is a big tiff (4Go), so I've built image pyramid with the pyramid plugin. I's work and I can see my raster like a WMS on the OL application.

I configure this WMS on my geomajas applicatin but when I try to display it on my application, Raster quality is different between tiles (cf screenshot in attachment). On Firebug, the individual images look the same than the geomajas application.

I asked the question to the geomajas developers but they told me that's a problem on geoserver side. I don't know if somebody has already have this sort of problem?

Thanks very much