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GeoNetwork on Docker

Joana Simoes-2

>From this date, you can already run the latest releases of GeoNetwork in
docker containers.

To pull the images from dockerhub, you would type:

    docker pull geocat/geonetwork:3.2.0

    docker pull geocat/geonetwork:3.0.5

More details on how to run the containers, set a custom data directory,
persist data or use postgreSQL as a backend, can be found at the docker hub

                Have fun running GeoNetwork on Docker! :-)


Vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards,

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NetherlandsT: +31 (0)318 416664 <+31318416664>GeoCat bv
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Re: GeoNetwork on Docker

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Hi Joana, (or anybody else with geonetwork knowledge)

first of all: many thanks for your effort!

As it happens I'm working on a geonetwork + postgis container (two separate linked containers) myself right now. And I'm struggeling with the following two issues, which I assume you also were facing.

- Set Catalogue name & organization: To my understanding this can be done with config-overrides.xml Though I didn't manage to successfully e.g. <update linePattern="(INSERT INTO Settings VALUES \(13,10,'organization',').+?('.*)">$1MYNAME$2</update> in <textFile name="data-db-default.sql"> I still got my hopes up. Do you happen to know if this hope is justified?

- Set Geonetwork username & password: The containers are deployed with ansible and it would be really cool if they wouldn't be deployed with default passwords. But I didn't find any solution for this till now, except maybe using xml services / xml.user.pwupdate so basically creating an external password update service ... which doesn't seem the right way to go.

Can you help?
Many thanks,