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GeoNetwork keywords and topicCategory problem

Thomas Vandenberghe
Hi all,

We have just installed GN 3.7.0 snapshot and are testing it on two machines (localhost plus dev server). We have migrated datasets from a GN 3.0.3 instance by copying the database over the new instance. Many of these datasets use Anchors instead of CharacterStrings for INSPIRE/GEMET keywords; additionally these might have translations using PT_FreeText. A first automatic index build removes/changes many elements from the old metadata.

There are a couple of problems:

  *   Topiccategories (TC)  are removed
  *   In some cases I saw that the TC has been converted to keywords. Nice, but we don't want this.
  *   Keywords are emptied and replaced with nilreason="missing"
  *   Anchors are automatically replaced with CharacterStrings.
  *   Pasting in the Anchor gives "ResourceAlreadyExistException" eg <gmx:Anchor xlink:href=""<>>Land use</gmx:Anchor>

Steps taken to fix these errors manually are fruitless. These are the steps taken:

Automatic Fixes is off and INSPIRE keywords are disabled.

One dataset:

  *   has TC
  *   I manually add INSPIRE keywords as anchor in XML:

 <gmd:keyword xsi:type="gmd:PT_FreeText_PropertyType">
                  <gmx:Anchor xlink:href=""<>>Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units</gmx:Anchor>
                        <gmd:LocalisedCharacterString locale="#FR">Zones de gestion, de restriction ou de réglementation et unités de déclaration</gmd:LocalisedCharacterString>
                        <gmd:LocalisedCharacterString locale="#NL">Gebiedsbeheer, gebieden waar beperkingen gelden, gereguleerde gebieden en rapportage-eenheden</gmd:LocalisedCharacterString>
                        <gmd:LocalisedCharacterString locale="#DE">Bewirtschaftungsgebiete/Schutzgebiete/geregelte Gebiete und Berichterstattungseinheiten</gmd:LocalisedCharacterString>

  *   validate=true
  *   save
  *   validate
  *   save and close
  *   edit, go to XML view
  *   TC is gone
  *   INSPIRE keyword is still there with anchor
  *   validate=false
  *   cancel
  *   reload index config
  *   optimize index
  *   rebuild index
  *   reopen editor board
  *   edit
  *   TC  is still gone
  *   validate =false
  *   go to XML view
  *   INSPIRE keyword: anchor is deleted

Is it possible to pick separately which auto-fixes we want to keep-most of them are very useful? We are considering installing GN 3.6 because of these problems.

Picking "anchor" in the full edit GUI from the cog dropdown (insert keyword as) next to a keyword does not actually replace a CharacterString with an Anchor. Anchors are recommended for INSPIRE keywords!

On the old GN 3.0.3 the INSPIRE keyword classification system thesaurus was also responsible for replacing Anchors with CharacterStrings. So we disabled this "feature" and prefer copy-pasting an XML snippet into the XML editor with the correct anchors and translations. Now on 3.7.0 this is still a problem, but not due to the INSPIRE classification system thesaurus as it fails even if this thesaurus is not installed.

Best regards


Thomas Vandenberghe

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)
Operational Directorate Natural Environment (ODNature)
Belgian Marine Data Centre (BMDC)
Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussel
Tel: 02/627 42 36
[hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>

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